A Lagos based Human Right Activist, Academician and Senior Advocate of Nigeria Chief Malcom Omoirhobo the lawyer with the famous quote

” If you fail to write your history and have control over your demographics, strangers will do it for you and it sticks with a Benchmark”.

Chief Malcon Omoirhobo
Chief Malcon Omoirhobo

He appeared in full Olukun Priest traditional regalia with barefoot and feathers on his wig during a court proceedings.

The renowned lawyer who have been at the forefront of human right activism, dressed to suit his belief in the African tradition.

It will be recalled that five Supreme Court judges of Nigeria out of seven man panel upheld a judgement that hijab a traditional Muslim female attire can be worn by female students to public schools in Lagos state.
A precedent that will be reciprocate nation wide.

The Lawyer , who storm the courtroom to exercise his fundamental human right in accordance with the ruling around 9:00 am today caused a stir among litigants.

Chief Malcom who later addressed journalists said “I am very grateful to the Supreme Court just week Friday they made a very resounding decision that promotes Section 38 of the constitution. That we are free to express our way of worship in our schools and in our courts. That decision was reached on Friday and that has encouraged me”.

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