The remains of three Jesuit priest and a tour guide killed on Monday by Jose Noriel Portillo Gil a suspect wanted for drug trafficking in the border state of Chihuahua, who was also a prime suspect in the murder of American teacher Patrick Braxton Andrew in 2018.

The bodies of the two Jesuit priests Javier Campos, Joaquin Mora and the tour guide Pedro Palma was discovered on Wednesday amidst Pope Francis condemnation of the so much killing in Mexico during a mass in St Peter’s square.

The state prosecutor’s office in Chihuahua confirmed that the three men were gun down after Portillo took refuge in a church in Cerocahui to invade arrest and prosecution by authorities.

The Governor of Chihuahua Maria Eugenia Campos had declared a man hunt for the leaders of the gangs that have been violently ravaging the northern Mexico districts at San Ignacio de Loyola church.

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