I had lived in Lagos for most of my life. I completed my primary and secondary education there before attending the University of Ibadan, where I graduated and later served in Ilorin for a year.

During my youth service, I worked as a teacher in a public school. Most of the staff and students appreciated me and nicknamed me “Shine Shine” because of my classic dressing and extreme neatness.

A particular teacher, Mrs. Hassanat Bello, became a very close friend. She often brought extra food for me to school and drove a clean 504 saloon car, which was much better than the Volkswagen Beetle of the school principal. She told me that her husband was a senior government official and that they had been married for nearly ten years without children.

Our friendship gradually evolved into a romantic relationship.

One day, she mentioned that she would be going to Offa, a town close to Ilorin, to visit her parents for the weekend. She wanted me to accompany her and even drive, so I agreed.

The journey to Offa was smooth, and her parents were warm and friendly. They lived modestly; her father was a retired civil servant, and her mother was a retired nurse from the state general hospital. Their family house was a one-story building. She introduced me to her parents as a corper in her school, and they received me quite well.

When night fell, her parents, who had relocated to the ground floor due to their age and the stress of climbing stairs, slept downstairs while Mrs. Bello and I stayed upstairs in her parents’ large sitting room adjacent to another large bedroom.

We talked into the night and eventually slept together. It was the first time in my life as a young graduate that I slept with a married woman, and the experience was unforgettable.

The secret affair continued at school, in the small corpers’ room, sometimes in a guest house, and even twice at her parents’ house.

Eventually, I left Ilorin after my youth service, and our relationship ended.

I became a successful banker and rose to the position of Assistant General Manager in charge of a region. When one of my very close customers, a politician, became the Minister of Finance in Abuja, he made me his Special Assistant on Banking Matters, and I relocated to Abuja.

One fateful night, the Minister hosted some top government officials for a dinner party, and some ladies were brought in to entertain the guests.

Two other beatiful
that came with them sat from others Their conservative dressing stood out among the skimpy dresses of the others.

They sat down, strangely away from the others……To be continued

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