There appeared to be a paradigm shift in Kenya politics after decades of dominance by party strongmen and ethnic loyalties. What began as an online outpouring of anger by young, tech-savvy Kenyans at proposed taxes on bread and diapers has escalated into a nationwide movement.

Many lamented that they are tired of a political system under which the party strongman took turns in power and channel jobs and opportunities to supporters and people from their ethnic groups.

The slogans on the streets of Kenya and social media have shifted from tax to calls for a complete political overhaul. “Ruto must go!” crowds chants. According to a protester Mitchell Mwamodo he said. “we don’t have a leader”

At least eight people have been reported died when police opened fire on crowds trying to storm the assembly to protest against tax hikes.

President William Ruto in an attempt to criminalise the protest which he blamed on Nairobi’s Kibera slum, said it was part of an orchestrated plan to undermine his government, Having initially dismissed the protests as a fit of anger by wealthy, privilege kids.

The major causes of the current crisis in Kenya incude bad governance and policies, ethnicity, economics and unresolved tensions between growing gaps between the rich and poor.

While many Kenyans suffer from economic inequality few privilege minority elite continues to exploit their labor, resources, and opportunities with exorbitant taxes. There is a large gap between the rich and poor, with approximately 70 percent of Kenyan families chronically vulnerable due to poor nutrition, food insecurity, and preventable diseases.

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