My attention has been drawn to a concocted and misleading report written by a faceless and trollish politician and published by the Councillor representing Obokwe Ward, Hon Jite Chijioke Ezeh (CJ) alleging that the General Manager of ASOPADEC Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike is using his office to fight the Mayor using the Councillors as a leech. In his lengthy piece, he deviated to insult Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike while given a report of what transpired between the Mayor of Ukwa West LGA and the Councillors, forgetting that in the pursuit of an argument, there is hardly room to digress into a particular definition as often as a man varies the signification of any term.

Letter to ASOPADEC Chairman

Let me State clearly that the infantile publication is mere hand of Esau but voice of Jacob with the intent to discredit the General Manager of ASOPADEC Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike and I implore the general public to, as a matter of urgency, disregard it as a false and misleading report capable of bringing his revered personality to public ridicule, odium and contempt.

For clarity of purpose, Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike is not in contention of any leadership of the Labour Party of Ukwa West LGA with any of the party bigwigs let alone the Mayor of Ukwa West Hon Newman Azu as the tussle for who becomes the leader of the party had long been put to rest when the ousted DG ABSOA Pastor Dike Nwankwo wrote and published in all social media platforms that he was no longer in contention for it. Interestingly, peace was restored in the Party and the Party members became cemented with melodic songs of praise by Pastor Dike Nwankwo which was titled “go and tell them, go and tell them, that Labour Party Ukwa West LGA is one now”. So one wonders where the allegation of Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike sponsoring the Councillors against Mr Newman Azu is coming from.

  1. On the 14th of June, 2024, the Labour Party Councillors of Ukwa West LGA had written a letter to the General Manager of ASOPADEC Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike and submitted through his Special Assistant on Media proposing to have a meeting with him in his country home Rainbow Court Lodge Umunteke Asa on a date suitable for him. The GM ASOPADEC has been trying to fix a date for the meeting, but to no avail consequent upon the tragedy that occurred at Inner Galaxy until the day we celebrated Father’s Day with him in his Ntigha Isiala Ngwa Anglican Church St Patrick Parish wherein he leveraged on our visit to fix the date of the meeting in his house on Monday the 17th of June, 2024. Attached herein is the letter for any want of proof.
  2. The meeting was finally held on the above date together with the caucus of the Party and after an interactive session with the Councillors present, the GM ASOPADEC proposed to book an audience with the Governor where the Labour Party of Ukwa West would go and plead with the Governor for the reinstatement of Pastor Dike Nwankwo in spite of the fact that he did not inform the Party officially about his sudden removal for alleged misappropriation of public funds. And at no time did the GM ASOPADEC share money worth Ten Thousand Naira (#10,000) or its equivalent to the Councillors in print as alleged by the author.
  3. Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike has earned much respect, encomium and organic support from, not only the members of the Labour Party Ukwa West, but also Ukwa people in general through massive infrastructural and capital development of the LGA. Suffice it to say that his appointment has brought joy, blessing and relief to the people of Ukwa.
  4. The GM ASOPADEC is more focused on rebuilding Ukwa West LGA that the past administration left in ruins and no amount of campaign of calumny or hatred against his person can distract him from the work he has started. All agents of distraction are advised to seek refuge in any neighboring LGA rather than coming to cause disaffection in the Labour Party of Ukwa West.
  5. The author should stop contradicting himself by saying that the Mayor Mr Newman Azu has never been in contention with the GM ASOPADEC after saying that the GM is using his office to sponsor the Councillors to fight against their Boss. He should rather seek the face of God while soliloquizing on what befell him instead of trying to bring down a man that God has shown mercy and compassion because God is not a man and He blesses a man according to his heart. Hence the office of the GM ASOPADEC has no proximity to that of the Mayor and a man of his Ecclesiastical standing has no business with naysayers and inordinate political hobos.
  6. The Leader of the Labour Party of Ukwa West LGA is not in contention like I pointedly stated earlier and the only Leader we have, which has been affirmed severally through a vote of confidence by the stakeholders of the party, is Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike and General Manager of ASOPADEC. And he has always said that he is not playing politics with anybody, but he is bent on doing what is right for the people of Ukwa West LGA and Abia in general.

Charles Ehiemere
SA on Media

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