— Says no to illegal tenure elongation

— Decry decay in third tier of government

As the battle for the soul of Rivers State dripped to the local government areas, the grassroot people are determined to take their destiny in their hands within the ambit of the law. As the marginalised, strangulated and impoverished grassroots people took to the council’s to register their grievances on the wasted 3 years of bad governance in most of the 23 LGAs of Rivers State.

Following the threats by some of the immediate past councils chairmen to illegally extend their tenure by force, despite court orders on the illegality of Local Government tenure elongation which contradicts it provision in the Nigeria Constitution.

The scenario playing out in Rivers State Politics across the LGAs is clear a indication of lawlessness by underperformed Chairmen who had wrecked financial havoc on the commonwealth of the people.

The outcome of the many incidents currently playing out in the 23 Local Government Area’s of Rivers State will define our enduring Democracy in Nigeria and serve as a reference in future occurrence.

While the world beam their satellites on the happenings in Rivers State to analyse and speculate, the resilient people of Rivers State have chosen to end bad governance in defence of democracy.

In a bid to put an end to the rascality of few who in their wildest imagination believed that the Council’s will perpetually remain their private estates and investment. Rivers Men, Women and youth’s have rose to their civic responsibility of occupying the third tier of government which directly affects their wellbeing. Saying no to illegal tenure elongation and diversion of council funds for personal aggrandizement by the past local government areas chairmen.

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