Rivers State Economic And Investment Summit 2024

-Harnessing the blue economy for sustainable coastal and marine sector growth …

Sir Siminalayi is doing it with passion and commitment to leave Rivers State better than he meet it, configuring the economic of the state for the benefit of all.The Economic And Investment Summit is the first of it kind in the State with the primary aim of bringing investors for economic development of Rivers State.

Been the second largest economy in Nigeria after Lagos with the potential of becoming an investment paradise in West Africa with the right investment policies and business friendly environment.

A potential which Governor Fubara administration is taking specific steps to ensure a Paradigm shift for prosperity and the raising of the Standard of living, increasing state GDP, reducing unemployment rate and other economic benchmark of the state.

The emerging economic paradigm as pioneered by Sir Siminalayi offers numerous investment opportunities with economic benefits in fisheries and aquaculture, Marine Re-Newable Energy, Coastal Tourism and Recreation, Blue Biotechnology, Marine Transportation and Shipping, Climate Change Adaptation and Coastal Resilience.

Rivers State with it many water bodies which includes Bonny River, Andoni River, Opobo River, Bodo River, Orashi River and Nun River, with it two major seaport can drive sustainable growth in the Coastal and Marine Sector.

The investment in Rivers State blue economy will give the State the opportunity to produce and harnessed it economic resources related to the oceans, while restoring damaged ecosystems and introducing innovative technology that will facilitate efficient and sustainable management of everything the seas can offer.

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