— Delivering on campaign promises.

— Creating a model in governance…

Rivers Stata need good role models to observe and learn from, so that many will learn the way of peace and be better prepared to serve with humility. Today Rivers People converged to collect bank cheques for businesses through a transparent process. The state witnessed peace, employment and goodwill flourishing through a loan scheme of the state in partnership with the Bank of Industry.

With evidenced by the results witnessed in the state, it will be unpatriotic to support any form of distraction on the government’s projections in repositioning the economy of the state. As that will be tantamount to recklessness that can lead to destruction and retrogression.

The #4billion enterprises loan scheme launched today at the Obi Wali cultural centre further attest to the sincerity and passion of Sir Siminalayi administration in driving economic development in the state. The fund which have been disbursed across the 23LGAs and private entrepreneurs in the State wasn’t a political affairs, rather It was a fulfilment of promise made during campaign.

The Enterprise Loan Scheme was an initiative of Rivers State Government targeted at aspiring and established enterprises within the state with the aim of empowering small, and medium-scale businesses (MSMEs) With a flexible repayments conditions to boost the economy of Rivers state.

The epoch making event unveiled a new era and model of governance for wealth creation and advancement of the micro economy of the State, alleviating poverty, unemployment and the restoration of the dignity of Rivers Men and Women. A great progression from the servitude, impoverishment and neglect that was one’s experienced in the state.

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