My attention has been drawn to a media outrage and disparaging publication captioned “Governor Otti’s Continuous Display For Ukwa People, One Too Many”, by Don Ubani.

Ordinarily, I would not have bothered by a mere agent of distraction who is yet to recover from the shock of their defeat and collapse after twenty four years of misrule, satanic and objectionable attitude towards Abians, but to set the record straight and equally advise him to face the reality of their failure and understand that Dr Alex Otti and his General Manager of ASOPADEC have not come to joke with the feelings of Asa people and Ukwa in caboodle.

In that piece, Don Ubani an unrepentant critic of Dr Alex Otti the executive Governor of Abia State traversed all the nodes in the political network of Dr Alex Otti’s government to drag the General Manager of ASOPADEC Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike into his acerbic outburst of invective and objurgation against Dr Alex Otti. This is evident in his 10th paragraph wherein he stated that Governor Dr Alex Otti hardly releases the 30% accrual of the 13% of the Federal Government Oil Derivation Fund to ASOPADEC. I think Don Ubani should be more concerned and apologetic for the number of Abians who met their early grave, not only through dilapidated roads, but also through unpaid salaries and wages owed to them by the PDP government he served in for 24 years. He should rather call for a town hall meeting through the help of Asa Development Union to apologize to Asa people for the killing of a vibrant youth leader from his zone through forceful acquisition of our farmlands for the purported Enyimba Economic City Development during his injurious reign as the Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Deputy Governor, instead of maligning a man God gave Abians to deliver us from leadership infamy.

For clarity of purpose, the General Manager of ASOPADEC Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike, on assumption of office, completed the reconstruction of Umuokomiri Obehie road. He has awarded the construction of the abandoned Asa Development Civic Hall which is nearing completion, reconstruction and expansion of Orie market at Umuajuoha Obuzor Asa which is also nearing completion, installed solar panel boreholes in more than 16 villages, registered WAEC and JAMB for more than 150 Ukwa students, and among others awarded and funded the Umuada- Obehie/ Ezendioma road within a space of time. Interestingly, the awarding and funding of the Umuada-Obehie/ Ezendioma by the General Manager ASOPADEC Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike was corroborated by the Apex Socio-Cultural body of Asa otherwise known as Asa Development Union who published it on social media after their visit to the Commission. From the data above, one wonders where the General Manager of ASOPADEC Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike is sourcing the funds for those laudable projects if the Governor hardly releases the 30% accrual of the 13% of the Federal Government Oil Derivation Fund as alleged by Don Ubani. Don Ubani should stop crying more than the bereaved for no time has the General Manager of ASOPADEC Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike complained to him about insufficient funds in the Interventionist Agency.

In the last paragraph of his ‘One Too Many ‘ publication, Don Ubani said and I quote “unfortunately, Asa People in Governor Otti’s Labour Party Government appear to be suffering from unbridled trepidation. None of them appears capable of walking up to the Governor to demand that Asa People be treated fairly by his Government. Instead, they allow the Governor to play a divide and rule tactics on them. Before the Governor left for the United States of America, for only-God-knows-why, he had surreptitiously created a scenario where some officials in his Government from Asa led by the ‘General Manager’ of ASOPADEC, Rev Josiah Onyeike, a supposed Priest of the Anglican Church, had gone to meet with the Governor without the Transition Committee Chairman of Ukwa-West Local Government Council Area, Mr Newman Azuh. Taking undue advantage of the absence of the T C Chairman, the ASOPADEC boss said all manner of destructive things against the Local Government Chairman. Instead of using the opportunity of meeting with the Governor to present problems confronting Asa People, the Reverend filtered it away by backbiting and trying to destroy his fellow Asa Man, and the Governor was happy at disuniting and dividing Asa sons in his Government”.

The above assertion is purely the figment of the imagination and lamentation of a failed political interloper like Don Ubani. If not for the weight of the social media and the negative effects of maintaining an absolute sobriety amidst tantrums and spurious allegations by a self styled opposition leader, I would not have responded on this to a man whose signature project for the past 24 years is grading a road that leads to his father’s house and throwing a public challenge for anybody who says grading of a road is not important. Don Ubani who hides under the rubric of Equity Reporter is a well known purveyor of lies, deceit and blackmail and no same man in Asa and Ukwa in general takes him seriously because of his moral laxity and logorrhea. If there was any perceived internal wrangling in the Labour Party of Ukwa West, let the likes of Don Ubani know that peace has long reigned supreme. Therefore, the allegations are not only worded in an unnecessarily polemical style, they are simply false.

Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike the General Manager of ASOPADEC is a man who has deprecated the razzmatazz and Nestorian braggadocio in the House Of God by showing that there is a difference between the values of a man of God and a typical Nigeria politician, and by his level of spirituality, he would not engage himself in platitudes and jejunitis. Be that as it may, no amount of blackmail, Pull Him Down syndrome and criticism will deter Ven Dr Joshua Onyeike, under the leadership of Dr Alex Chioma Otti, from rebuilding Asa that Don Ubani and cohorts ruined for 24 years.

Charles Ehiemere
SA on media to the GM ASOPADEC

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