PDP Former Legislators Forum Condemns Rivers State Assembly Crisis, Commends Governor Fubara for Leadership

PDP Former Legislators Forum Condemns Rivers State Assembly Crisis, Commends Governor Fubara for Leadership

In a resolute stance against what they termed as unconstitutional activities within the Rivers State House of Assembly, the PDP Former Legislators Forum has spoken out in support of Governor Sir Siminalayi Fubara while condemning the actions of certain members of the assembly.

During a rally and Thanksgiving service held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in celebration of Governor Fubara’s recent victory at the Supreme Court, Warisenibo Hon. Daniel Tamunoopubo Wilcox-Buruwi, Chairman of the group, expressed strong disapproval of the actions led by Hon. Martin Amaewhule and his cohorts in the assembly.

Wilcox-Buruwi emphasized the forum’s condemnation “in totality” of what they described as the illegal actions of certain assembly members who, in their view, overstepped their constitutional bounds by attempting to override the Governor’s assent and arrogating powers to themselves. He reiterated the importance of adhering to the constitution’s principles of separation of powers, highlighting the legislature’s role in representation, law-making, and oversight.

In contrast, the group commended Governor Fubara for his unwavering commitment to governance despite the distractions orchestrated by former assembly members. They expressed confidence in the Governor’s leadership and identified with his people-oriented development initiatives.

Furthermore, the forum lauded Governor Fubara’s attendance at the recent PDP NEC meeting, underscoring the party’s peaceful disposition and refuting claims of factionalism made by the former assembly members who defected to the APC. They asserted that the reality of their actions was now apparent, emphasizing that their time was up.

The forum also called for the unconditional release of Hon. Sokari Goodboy Sokari, a member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, who they claimed had been unjustly incarcerated. They warned of potential civil disobedience should his release not be forthcoming.

In closing, Hon. Kenneth Nmah, the Vice Chairman of the forum, extended gratitude to Governor Fubara for his peaceful governance and assured continued support from the group.

The statement from the PDP Former Legislators Forum underscores the ongoing political dynamics in Rivers State and the staunch support for Governor Fubara amidst challenges within the state’s legislative assembly.

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