Governor Fubara’s #SIMpleWorksOfSIM Bring Relief to Residents of Okania-Ogbogoro Road

Governor Fubara’s #SIMpleWorksOfSIM Bring Relief to Residents of Okania-Ogbogoro Road

Residents of the Okania New Layout, popularly known as New Road, are rejoicing as news of the award of the long-awaited Okania-Ogbogoro Road project by the Rivers State Executive Council spreads through the community. The road, which has been in a deplorable state for years, is finally set to undergo much-needed rehabilitation under the administration of Governor Sim Fubara.

The significance of this road cannot be overstated for the residents of New Road. Since 2017, when the deterioration of the road began, residents have endured countless inconveniences and hardships due to its poor condition. What was once a simple commute became a maze of detours and challenges, with various routes deteriorating over time, leading to damage to vehicles and increased travel time.

Okania-Ogbogoro-Mbaraja road on Google map

“I moved into the Okania New Layout aka New Road in January of 2017 and the situation of that road moved from bad to worse,” shared Mr. Oputa Ugochukwu a resident, reflecting the sentiments of many. Despite efforts to draw attention to the road’s condition, including appeals to the previous administration and messages to relevant government officials, relief seemed elusive.

However, Governor Sim Fubara’s commitment to addressing the infrastructure challenges faced by the community has brought hope and excitement. The announcement of the award of the Okania-Ogbogoro Road project has been met with enthusiasm, with residents expressing gratitude for the impending transformation.

“When I heard that Gov. Sim had brought redemption and wiped shame from my face, I was the first to drop the news article on our Estate Landlords and Tenants forum. I must add ‘With Pride’,” Oputa said.

The completion of the road is not only expected to alleviate the daily struggles of residents but also to decongest traffic along the NTA-Mgbuoba route and create a standard residential corridor from the New Road axis down to Cornerstone and Ogbogoro. With the project set to be completed in just five months, anticipation is high for the positive impact it will have on the community.

The #SIMpleWorksOfSIM have indeed touched the residents of New Road, demonstrating the transformative power of effective governance in addressing the needs of the people.

As the project moves forward, residents eagerly await the day when they can traverse their neighborhood with ease and pride once again.

– Gist Report

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