Five Arrested in Kidnapping and Cultism Bust

The Rivers State Police Command has dealt a severe blow to criminal activities in the region, leading to the arrest of five individuals involved in kidnapping and cultism. Spearheaded by the diligent efforts of the police force, the operation targeted a notorious criminal network operating under the guise of cattle rearers, unraveling a web of deceit and terror that had gripped communities across Rivers, Delta, and Edo states.

The investigation, triggered by the disappearance of four staff members from Lujo Heights Homes during a routine property inspection, culminated in the apprehension of four suspects: Yahaya Bello, Aliyu Usman, Sule Abubakar, and Abdullahi Adamu. These individuals, part of the criminal syndicate, confessed to their involvement in the abduction of the victims and revealed chilling details of their operations, including their residence in Valley Decision Estate, Port Harcourt, where they deceived the community into granting them access to land under false pretenses.

Aliyu Usman emerged as a central figure in the criminal enterprise, leveraging his position as a security guard to facilitate criminal infiltration. His cohorts, Sule Abubakar and Abdullahi Adamu, were groomed in the art of criminality, with Sule participating in his first kidnapping assignment alongside his elder brother, currently at large. Additionally, Mallam Yahaya, implicated in supplying food to the captors, was also apprehended.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Cultism Unit achieved a significant breakthrough with the arrest of notorious cultist and kidnapper, Godfrey Odum, responsible for the abduction of Precious Chukwu, a student of Elechi Amadi Polytechnic.

Commending the dedication and professionalism of the Rivers State Police Command, Commissioner Tunji Disu emphasized the importance of collaboration between law enforcement and the community in maintaining peace and security. Residents were urged to exercise caution when hiring security personnel and to remain vigilant in reporting suspicious activities.

As investigations continue to unravel the extent of the criminal network, the public is urged to provide any relevant information to aid ongoing efforts to eradicate crime from the state.

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