• Torrential rain and High Wind hit the island

Opobo Town is a coastal town in Rivers state with a lower section of Imo River adjoining the Estuary into the Atlantic. The channel connects two important towns, Opobo in Rivers State and Ikot Abasi in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria.

The peaceful kingdom of Opobo Town the local government headquarter of Opobo-Nkoro Local Government Area woke up on Monday 1st April, 2024 to witness the devastating effect of high winds which resulted in damage of buildings and infrastructure.

All over the world coastal communities experienced natural disasters, such as Tsunami,Hurricane, Cyclone , Typhoon. The Coastal kingdom of Opobo and it environs experienced their share of the coastal natural disaster that demonstrated that coastal hazards are capable of causing large-scale catastrophic including the loss of human life along with considerable infrastructure damage.

Gist Reporter went to Opobo to get a first hand assessment of the damage by the torrential rain and high sea wind that traversed the Coast. It was discovered that the magnitude of the damaged was minimised following the timely intervention of the Council utility section when they swiftly off the electric power lines to avert electrocution and loss of life’s. Though properties where damaged along the waterfront structures mainly due to the near absence of wind break along the embankment. Speaking with Christopher Toby a resident in the community , he said ” The rain started late that Sunday night with sea breeze and later metamorphosis into high wind causing the collapsed of electric poles on building in the community “.

Also speaking with Mr Alfred Ibifa Jaja, he said ” We thank God that the nation grid power was not on when it started, and this averted the the real damage which would have resulted to loss of life’s in electric shock.

Further inquiry into the incident reveals that efforts should be intensify to plant more tree along the embankments to reduce the direct effects of the torrential rain and high wind form hitting structures around the waterfront.

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