A peaceful transition of power in Senegal would mark a boost for democracy in West Africa, a country where there have been eight military coups since 2020. The man set to be declared Senegal’s next president, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, was sitting in a prison cell some months ago, but today providence brought him into the political limelight when a prominent member of his party Ousmane Sonko was charged with insurrection and convicted of defamation last year and barred from running in the election.

Faye emerge from the shadow of his former boss from prison to take over the race. He emerge as the next president of Senegal on Monday the day of his 44th birthday. He was a political newcomer popular among disaffected youth in a country where more than 60% of people are under 25 and struggle to find jobs.

Faye promised to dedicate more state resources to help the youths. He told journalists in his first public appearance since the election. “I promise to govern with humility and transparency, in electing me the Senegalese people have decided on a break with a past.” Promising to fight corruption and prioritise national economic interests.

Available results from electoral commission showed Faye with about 53.7% and Amadou Ba from the current ruling coalition with 36.2% based on tallies from 90% of polling stations in the first-round vote.

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