Benjamin Netanyahu to meet Biden over concerns on Rafah

** Anarchy looms as humanitarian crisis rises in Gaza

The U.S. President Joe Biden warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the looming anarchy and humanitarian crisis in Gaza if isreal continue with it military operation in Rafah will deepen anarchy in Gaza.

The two leaders will be meeting in Washington to discuss. The White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters that the two countries would have a comprehensive discussion on the way forward in Gaza, where a humanitarian crisis is raging after six months of fighting. He said “Anarchy reigns in areas that Israel’s military has cleared, but not stabilized” in Gaza and a humanitarian crisis would deepen if Israel were to go ahead with an offensive in Rafah, summarizing Biden’s message to Netanyahu. “We’ve had many discussions in many different levels between our military, our intelligence, our diplomats or humanitarian experts, but we have not yet had the opportunity to have an all-encompassing comprehensive, integrated, strategic discussion”, he added.

U.S and Isreal relations have been tensed over Gaza. Though Biden has not threaten to limit U.S. aid to Israel, rather he reiterated U.S. support for the Israeli effort to destroy Hamas militants who attacked southern Israel on Oct. 7 with a coherent strategy than Israel smashing into Rafah.

The call for the meeting on Monday was the first between the two leaders since Feb. 15. The meeting will be reduce the tensions between Israel and its most steadfast ally over Netanyahu’s handling of the war in Gaza. Netanyahu said he aim to achieve all the targets it had set out for the war, which includes eliminating Hamas, releasing all the hostages and ensuring Gaza would no longer pose a threat to Israel.

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