Otti Plans Relocation of Motor Parks in Aba Following Fire Incident

Otti Plans Relocation of Motor Parks in Aba Following Fire Incident

In the wake of a recent fire outbreak at the Chisco Transport Company terminal along Milverton Avenue in Aba, Abia State, Governor Alex Otti has announced plans to relocate motor parks in the area to a safer environment. The fire incident, which occurred Wednesday night, resulted in the destruction of vehicles, property, and parts of the building housing the bus terminal.

Governor Otti, while inspecting the charred remains of the terminal, emphasized the crowded nature of the parks along Milverton Avenue, labeling them as a potential disaster waiting to happen. He highlighted the need for a more spacious location to prevent future incidents and ensure ease of movement.

The Governor directed that all business facilities in the state must install fire extinguishers on their premises, with enforcement of the policy set to commence next week. Additionally, he announced plans to procure additional fire trucks to complement the existing firefighting resources in Aba.

Expressing regret over the recent spate of fire outbreaks in Aba, Governor Otti urged residents to exercise caution to prevent such incidents. He commended the efforts of the state fire service for their swift response in containing the fire at the Chisco office.

The Mayor of Aba South, Chief Uche Wogu, echoed Governor Otti’s sentiments, describing the incident as unfortunate but praising the quick response of emergency services. He emphasized the importance of relocating the motor parks to safer areas and urged transport companies to comply with the government’s directives.

Narrating the cause of the fire, the Park Manager of Chisco Company in Aba, Mr. Ikechukwu Nwosu, attributed it to a spark that occurred while attempting to change power supply to a generator. He appealed to the government for support to minimize the impact of the company’s losses.

As plans for relocation take shape, the Abia State Government is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being

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