Tinubu, Governors Consider Implementation of State Police

Tinubu, Governors Consider Implementation of State Police

President Bola Tinubu convened a pivotal meeting with state governors in Abuja on Thursday, where discussions centered around the establishment of state police forces. Information Minister Mohammed Idris disclosed the deliberations to journalists following the session, highlighting the emerging consensus among attendees.

“Now, there is also a discussion around the issue of state police. The federal government and the state governments are mulling the possibility of setting up state police,” remarked Mr. Idris, underlining the significance of the ongoing dialogue.

While affirming the collective acknowledgment of the necessity for state police, Mr. Idris emphasized that further deliberations are imperative to chart the course for implementation. “Both the federal government and the state governments agree to the necessity of having state police, now this is a significant shift. But like I said, more work needs to be done in that direction,” he elucidated.

The meeting marks a noteworthy development in the national discourse on security architecture, as stakeholders explore avenues to enhance law enforcement capabilities at the subnational level. As discussions progress, stakeholders anticipate a comprehensive framework that balances the imperative for enhanced security with considerations of governance and accountability.

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