… Some Local Government Chairmen vowed not to comply with payment

….As Rivers State chapter of NULGE get ready for showdown with council Chairmen

It is on record that the Executive Governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminalayi Fubara after resuming office, implemented the promotion of Civil servants in the State payroll with financial benefits. A move he also desire should cut across the 23 Local Government Area’s of the state.

His Excellency in his Re-Newed Hope Agenda, after due consultation with Rivers state NULGE leadership and principal officers of the Local Government Councils, having seen the sufferings of the local government staff over decade decided to alleviate their plight by ordering for immediate promotion of the over due Local Government Employees in Rivers State with full financial benefits and the implementation of a N30,000.00 (Thirty Thousand Naira) minimum wage for Local Government workers. A news that sent ripples of joy and sigh of relief across the entire State, as it excite families and friends.

The fight against the good and hardworking people of Rivers State took a new dimension today as some elected local government area chairmen in Rivers state took the decision to stand against the welfare and oath of office they took. A reckless decision and show of shame as their blatant refusal to comply with the Governor’s decision, will also affect their family members under the payroll of Local Government Employees.

The functions of local governments are detailed in the Nigerian constitution and include taking governance to the grassroot, which also include functions such as maintaining peace, order and good governance in their districts.

Being the third tier of government, the local government was created to give the citizens a sense of belonging through developments and improvement of their standard of living of the grassroots people.

However, it is sad that despite the effort of Governor Fubara to ensure that the people enjoy the dividend of democracy, some local government areas Chairmen in Rivers State who have failed to provide good governance in their domain due to greed, mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds leading to neglect and underperformance in their respective local government areas.

This group of Council Chairmen have abandoned their primary posts in their LGA’s and are now parading as Abuja politicians, having denied the local government areas the dividend of democracy.

The corrupt council chairmen who where elected by the People have choosen to be the major cause of misery and clog on the wheel of progress to the People they promised to serve. Funds meant for payment of salaries are being siphoned with a large number of ghost workers. Project budgets are being inflated with a growing tradition of impunity.

It’s verifiable that most of the Local Government Councils boss have enrich themselves stupendously with allocations meant for grassroots advancement. They’ve acquired properties and assets through corrupt practices and outright embezzlement of public funds to the detriment of people that voted them into power.

As NULGE get ready for the showdown with the local government chairmen with their demands for promotion and minimum wage, the already under utilised third tier of government will be comatose. And the absence of these chairmen in their respective local government area’s will signify the failure of government in the local area’s.

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