Police Eliminate Sea Pirates, Traffickers Nabbed, and Abducted Family Rescued!

Police Eliminate Sea Pirates, Traffickers Nabbed, and Abducted Family Rescued!

In a recent press briefing held by Commissioner of Police Olatunji Rilwan Disu, the Rivers State Police Command shared commendable achievements in its ongoing efforts to combat crime, emphasizing victories against notorious criminals.

  1. Notorious Sea Pirate John Togo Neutralized: Rivers State Celebrates Victory Against Crime

The Rivers State Police Command has successfully neutralized John Togo the Second, a notorious figure involved in sea piracy, kidnapping, and arms trafficking. Known as the ‘Anchor Head’ of the Iceland Confraternity, Togo’s criminal activities posed a significant threat to coastal communities in Rivers State.

Togo’s criminal career, which started in cult-related activities in Borikiri, evolved into high-profile crimes, including ambushes, murders, and robberies. His criminal notoriety gained attention during the #EndSARS protests in January 2021. Despite numerous encounters with security forces, Togo continued to elude capture until a recent operation led to his demise.

The Rivers State Police Command expressed gratitude to the officers involved and assured the public of continued efforts to rid the state of criminal elements, sending a strong message against lawlessness and impunity.

Human traffickers arrested by Rivers state police command
  1. Police Apprehend Human Traffickers in Port Harcourt: Rescue of a Day-Old Baby

In a separate operation, the Rivers State Police Command successfully apprehended two suspects involved in human trafficking. Daniel Destiny Onyegbulem and Uzodinma Eze were intercepted during a routine stop and search operation, revealing a shocking discovery of a one-day-old baby in Daniel’s possession. The baby, found covered in blood inside a sack, was swiftly provided with medical attention and is now in stable health.

Daniel, cooperating with authorities, disclosed information about the criminal network behind the act, leading to further investigations. The Rivers State Police Command commended the officers for their dedication and professionalism, emphasizing their commitment to combat human trafficking and other criminal activities.

  1. Community Cooperation Leads to Successful Rescue of Kidnapped Family

In a heartening development, the Rivers State Police Command successfully rescued three victims who were kidnapped from their residence in Omuoluta, Igwuruta-Ali. The victims, Blessing Egbuna and her two daughters, were abducted by armed individuals as they returned home from work.

Swift community cooperation and a well-coordinated police operation resulted in the safe recovery of the victims. The police expressed gratitude to the community member who alerted them, highlighting the crucial role of community cooperation in combating kidnapping.

The Rivers State Police Command urges residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities promptly, emphasizing the collaborative effort needed to create a safer environment in the state. Commissioner of Police Olatunji Rilwan Disu assured continued dedication to upholding justice and eradicating crime in Rivers State.

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