Tinubu’s Administration Dismisses Rumors of Federal Capital Relocation to Lagos

Tinubu’s Administration Dismisses Rumors of Federal Capital Relocation to Lagos

In response to recent speculations regarding the possible relocation of the Federal Capital to Lagos, the office of President Bola Tinubu has categorically refuted the claims, labeling them as deliberate misinformation fueled by political opponents. The controversy arose following the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to move its Department of Banking Supervision to Lagos and the directive from the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development for the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to relocate its head office back to Lagos.

The President’s spokesperson, Bayo Onanuga, addressed the issue, asserting that the rumors were baseless and aimed at creating unnecessary ethnic mistrust. He clarified that these decisions, notably the relocation of FAAN, did not signify a shift of the Federal Capital to Lagos. Onanuga emphasized that Abuja’s status as the Federal Capital is entrenched in law and remains unchanged.

The statement highlighted the historical context of FAAN’s move, as it originally operated from Lagos before being relocated to Abuja during the previous administration. The recent administrative decision to return the agency to Lagos was framed as a routine adjustment considering the city’s significance as the commercial capital and aviation hub of Nigeria.

Similarly, the relocation of the CBN’s Department of Banking Supervision to Lagos was characterized as an administrative move aligned with the operational focus of the department, which primarily deals with commercial banks, most of which have their headquarters in Lagos.

Onanuga urged caution against politicizing administrative decisions and called out those spreading falsehoods, suggesting that their motives were rooted in divisive politics. He emphasized President Tinubu’s commitment to fairness and equity across all regions of the country, underscoring the administration’s dedication to meeting the aspirations of Nigerians for good governance.

The statement concluded by encouraging citizens to remain focused on the pursuit of national development and cautioned against falling prey to harmful rumors that could undermine the collective desire for positive governance.

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