RSG Affirms Commitment to Collaborative Efforts with Fed. Agencies

RSG Affirms Commitment to Collaborative Efforts with Fed. Agencies

The Secretary to the Rivers State Government, Dr. Tammy Danagogo, has underscored the commitment of Governor Sim Fubara’s administration to fostering collaborations and maximizing the potentials of agencies operating within the state to deliver optimal services to the people.

During a courtesy visit by the new Comptroller of Immigration in Rivers State, CIS Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq, along with the new Comptroller of Immigration, Rivers Marine Command, CIS Bashir Mohammed Lawal, and their team, Dr. Danagogo expressed the state government’s openness to working in partnership with Federal Government Agencies.

Highlighting Governor Fubara’s friendly and welcoming approach, Dr. Danagogo stated, “Wherever it is necessary to support the Immigration Service, His Excellency, Governor Fubara will certainly do so.” He cited the recent support provided by the Governor in hosting the Blue Economy Workshop, aiming to explore new avenues for boosting the state’s economy and implementing innovative practices in immigration and the blue economy.

Dr. Danagogo confirmed Governor Fubara’s provision of a second passport issuing office for the State Immigration Command, featuring modern facilities to expedite passport issuance. He urged the Immigration Service to ensure the simultaneous operation of both offices, enhancing accessibility to services for the people.

In response, CIS Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq expressed gratitude for the Rivers State Government’s substantial support to the Nigerian Immigration Service. He acknowledged the state’s importance in the development of marine and blue economy sectors, emphasizing the Immigration Service’s role in border security.

The visit aimed to both appreciate the state government’s support and seek further collaboration to enhance the efficiency of the Immigration Service in Rivers State.

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