Newlywed Man Passes Away Three Weeks After Wedding

Newlywed Man Passes Away Three Weeks After Wedding

The joyous celebration of a newlywed man, Bernard Peter Agada, has turned into sorrow for his family and friends, as he reportedly passed away just three weeks after his wedding. The heartbreaking news surfaced through posts on Bernard’s Facebook page, revealing that he tied the knot with his wife, Gift Itodo, on December 30, 2023, in Otukpa, Benue State.

Mr Bernard’s invitation card

Agada Joseph, who shared the devastating news on Facebook on Monday, expressed his disbelief and grief, mentioning that Bernard had promised to call him back after the wedding. In his post, Joseph stated, “Your wedding was 30th December 2023, not even up to a month. You promised to call me back bro.” He further shared that he wouldn’t delve into the details of their last conversation about the wedding but refrained from writing “RIP Ben.”

On Tuesday morning, Joseph posted again, reflecting on the harsh reality of life and expressing deep sorrow over Bernard’s untimely death. Another Facebook user, Moses Asor, also paid tribute to Bernard, describing him as a supportive friend who had recently married and was now unable to enjoy his newly married life.

Mr and Mrs Benard

Commenting on Joseph’s post, Onoja Ejembi James expressed disbelief, writing, “I can’t believe you are gone Ben; I can’t say r.i.p to you.”

Desmond Austin Amanyi, in a comment on one of Bernard’s wedding photos, pleaded, “Guy, please wake up.”

As of now, there has been no post on Bernard Gift Itodo’s Facebook page regarding the tragic demise of her husband.

The unexpected loss of Bernard Agada has left the community in shock and mourning, raising questions about the fragility of life and the pain of losing a loved one so soon after celebrating a joyous occasion.

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