Odili Family: Reverence for Statesmanship and Political Legacy in Rivers State

Odili Family: Reverence for Statesmanship and Political Legacy in Rivers State

  • By Ichemati Ezebunwo

In a heartening development, witnessing the Odilis—acknowledged as the foundational pillars of political structures in Rivers State—marching in solidarity with Governor Sim Fubara brings me immense joy.

Sir Dr Peter Odili, a pragmatic statesman, continues to exemplify the qualities of the best former Governor of Rivers State through his post-office actions, where he prioritizes the state’s interests over engaging in any political strife.

Following the K-leg saga in 2006/2007, for which he bore no fault, Sir Dr Odili, the father of Rivers politics, chose an honorable path by focusing on his private business endeavors. His dignified approach is evident in refraining from pursuing political rivalries, even as key players in Rivers State politics today trace their political roots back to him.

It’s disheartening that such a distinguished figure could be subject to ridicule in Omoku by Bro Felix Obuah, a prominent figure who rose to political limelight through the Odilis’ magnanimity. In 2004, the Odilis appointed Obuah as chairman of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area during Dr Odili’s tenure as the Golden Governor of Rivers State.

Having retired from active politics, Sir Dr Peter Odili now assumes the role of an elder statesman, a position that warrants him being spared from the politics of mudslinging and loyalty battles. His decision to stand for equity, justice, and fairness should not be an invitation for disrespect from anti-democratic crusaders.

As a father and elder statesman, Dr Odili deserves flowers and respect for his unwavering contributions. His legacy in human capacity development remains unparalleled.

May the Odilis be blessed.

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