Supreme Court Upholds The Election Of Gov. Abba Yusuf

Supreme Court Upholds The Election Of Gov. Abba Yusuf

In a recent ruling, a five-member panel of the apex court declared that both the tribunal and the court of appeal made errors in dismissing Yusuf, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) candidate, as the governor of the state. Justice Okoro, leading the review of evidence, found that Nasiru Gawuna of the APC had contested Governor Yusuf’s victory.

The suit centered on alleged forgery of NNPC membership cards by Governor Yusuf and INEC’s manipulation of votes in his favor. Justice Okoro emphasized two pivotal issues in the appeal, questioning the lower court’s decision to nullify 165,616 votes attributed to Governor Yusuf and its jurisdiction over the NNPP governor’s membership.

Reviewing arguments from lawyers, Justice Okoro concluded that the tribunal’s deduction of 165,616 votes was based on provisions of the Electoral Act 2022 but noted that these provisions do not regulate actions at the polling units. He also raised the question of the impact of a ballot paper lacking marks by the Electoral Commission. The ruling sheds light on the complexities surrounding the case and the legal intricacies involved.

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