Khana Council Boss Converts Craft Centre School to Lodge.

Khana Council Boss Converts Craft Centre School to Lodge.

The authorities of Khana local government area have converted the only craft centre school in Ogoniland into residential quarters for his aides.

Our correspondent, who visited the craft centre school on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, situated in between the Khana local government secretariat and the chairman lodge, saw that all the classrooms had been converted to residential rooms, where wash clothes and stoves were kept aside.

Former Govt Craft Centre Bori

Reacting to the development, Mr. Benjamin Kenule decried the abandonment of the craft centre school in Ogoniland. He said the school helped in the past and enhanced talent and skills for those who couldn’t meet up with regular school activities.

He said that Bori Craft Centre saw students from the entire Ogoni and the Senatorial District because that was the only craft centre school established in the area.

Former Govt Craft Centre Bori converted to lodge

An educationist, Piagbo Kanee, said that the school would have created jobs and employment for students and teachers of the technical school and wondered why the council authorities decided to abandon the craft centre school. He said that around the world, companies and organisations are patronising craft, skills, and technology more than school degree certificates.

A former student of the craft centre who owns a welding shop along hospital road Bori said that during their time at the school, the welding class had over 200 students.

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