Governor Bassey Otu Commissions Muri Eke Road

Governor Bassey Otu Commissions Muri Eke Road

Cross Rivers State Governor, Sen. Bassey Otu has officially commissioned the Muri Eke Road, a crucial link connecting Marian to Ikot Ishie off Effio-Ette Roundabout. This infrastructure development commissioned on Friday, 29 Dec 2023, marks a significant stride in improving accessibility for both residents and motorists in the region, aligning with the present administration’s commitment to people-centric initiatives.

Gov Bassey Otu

The completion of the Muri Eke Road translates to improved connectivity, streamlined transportation, and reduced travel times for local residents and motorists. Beyond the immediate community, the enhanced accessibility is poised to contribute to the broader economic growth of the region.

The commissioning of this road stands as a testament to the administration’s unwavering dedication to infrastructure development, aiming to elevate the overall quality of life for citizens. The Muri Eke Road exemplifies just one of the many people-friendly initiatives spearheaded by the present administration, showcasing a resolute commitment to addressing the needs of the community.

Newly commissioned Muri Eke road

The government’s strategic focus on infrastructure development underscores its understanding of the pivotal role accessible transportation networks play in propelling social and economic progress. By prioritizing projects that directly benefit the populace, the administration is actively cultivating an environment conducive to sustainable growth and development.”

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