” There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability”
– Manuel Barroso

Today the eyes of the world are upon the hope and prayers of liberty loving people of Rivers State as they embark on the great rally in solidarity with Sir Siminalayi Fubara against the Abuja forces spearheaded by the former governor of the state.

The Solidarity walk is intended to usher in the independence of the incumbent governor and to demystify the impression that the collective will of the people is a mobile structure that can be hijacked from one point to another by one man political dynasty, and to eliminate tyranny over the oppressed peoples of Rivers State in a free world.

We walk in solidarity against undemocratic elements and to reduce the tyrant ego and capacity as he intensifies his war against the people.

The people of the state for 8yrs endured in silence the affliction brought upon them by the intimidating and brutal past administration. Affliction which ranged from unemployment, un-empowerment, None promotion of civil servants, stagnant enumeration and impoverishment. A situation that dim the prospects and advancement of Rivers people.

The people in the rally are the Home Fronts, the grassroot and the very structure which cannot be hijack by one man or few group of people for person credits. The overwhelming superiority resolved of the Rivers people to stand with the elected Governor of state state is the only weapons and munitions placed at our disposal to turn the tide against the emperor in a free state toward victory.

In full confidence and courage, we will accept nothing less than full Victory. At the rebirth of our statehood the youth will be empowered and employed, Civil Servants will be smiling, our praying mother’s will sing new songs and our senior citizens will retire with dignity.

Rivers Populace rally for inherent dignity and good governance. And as wind of change is blowing through our state, whether you like it or not, this great solidarity walk of consciousness is a political fact that has come to stay. As Dante rightly quoted ‘The hottest place in Hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality”. As remaining on Neutrality at this point in time is tantamount to indifference and irresponsibility.

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