Prophet Joshua Iginla Unveils Five Essential Ingredients of Maturity

Prophet Joshua Iginla Unveils Five Essential Ingredients of Maturity

In a profound spiritual discourse, Prophet Joshua Iginla delineates the quintessential elements that define maturity. Encouraging introspection, he urges individuals to assess their lives against these five crucial ingredients to ascertain true maturity.

1. Wisdom: Prophet Iginla emphasizes the paramount importance of wisdom, citing Proverbs 8:11. Maturity, he asserts, cannot coexist with a lack of wisdom, defining wisdom as understanding expressed in capacity and sagacity.

2. Knowledge: The prophet asserts that every mature personality is enriched by the opulence of knowledge, drawing on Proverbs 3:20, which states, “By his knowledge the depths are broken up.”

3. Growth/Stature: Maturity, according to Prophet Iginla, traverses the path of growth and stature. Mental, spiritual, and physical growth are encapsulated in the maturation process, making one’s progress evident to those who observe.

4. Experience: Experience, viewed as a tool shaping maturity, is described as a series of lessons. Prophet Iginla contends that sensitivity to learning from experiences is pivotal for one’s journey towards maturity.

5. Divine Guidance: The prophet underscores adherence to Divine guidance as the ultimate proof of maturity. Those who neglect Divine guidance are, according to him, exhibiting gross immaturity. Quoting Psalms 73:24, he states, “Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.”

Prophet Joshua Iginla concludes with a prophetic declaration, envisioning that adherence to these maturity ingredients will elevate individuals to destiny fulfillment and advancements in achievements.

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