IGP Orders Retirement of Police Officers Above Age Limit

IGP Orders Retirement of Police Officers Above Age Limit

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Kayode Egbetokun has expressed concern over the growing number of police officers who have reached the mandatory retirement age but are hesitating to leave the force. In response, the IGP has directed police formations and commands across Nigeria to obtain letters of retirement from these individuals.

According to the public service rule, officers must retire at either 60 years of age or after 35 years of pensionable service. Failure to adhere to this rule renders all actions taken by the officers null and void. Consequently, the IGP has instructed immediate action to be taken to extract letters of voluntary retirement from these non-compliant officers.

This move aims to ensure that the police force remains efficient and consistent with established retirement policies. The IGP intends to address the issue promptly and in compliance with regulations, maintaining the integrity of the Nigeria Police Force.

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