Rapper and super hip-hop star Sean Comb popularly know as “Puff Daddy” or “Diddy” has been accused of physical and sexual abuse, as well as sexual slavery and rape. The ex-girl friend R&B vocalist Cassandra Ventura sued in a federal court on Thursday.

According to the law suit, she alleged that Combs forced her to have sex with male prostitutes he hired, while he watch and filmed the encounter. She also accused Combs of regularly beating her over the course of a 10yrs professional and romantic relationship.

The law suit alleged that he controlled Ventura through intimidation with drugs and alcohol. Ventura was signed by Combs Bad Boy Record in late 2005 when she was 19 and he was 37. They began dating few years later. The Law suit also alleged that when Ventura wanted to end the relationship in 2018 Combs raped her.

Combs lawyer issued a statement saying his client Combs denied the outrageous allegations. His lawyer also accused Ventura of resolving to sue Combs after she failed to blackmail him into paying her $30million by threatening to write a damaging book about their relationship.

Combs is a high profile leader in the recording industry to be accused of sexual misconduct.

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