Wife Attacks Husband Over Argument

Wife Attacks Husband Over Argument

Mrs Hope Nwala from Obite community has attacked her husband; Ekelediri Nwankwo in Okehi community in Etche Local government area with hot groundnut oil and hammer.

Mr. Ekelediri Nwankwo.

“I have told my wife’s younger sister to leave my house because of the way she has started dressing, and the way she occupy my matrimonial bed even when I am around, no young guy will tolerate such behaviour, but my wife has refused the younger sister leave the house. I also saw my wife alone with one tall black guy in the shop I rented for her, not that he is in for business, he followed my wife and sister here and there, with all these, I gave that her younger sister two thousand naira transport to go home so that I can actually understand what is going on in my house, but my wife got upset, while i went to bed to sleep, she used boiled grandnut oil on me, then start hitting me with harmer”. ~ Mr. Ekelediri Nwankwo.

Mr. Ekelediri Nwankwo attacked by his wife Mrs Hope Neala
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