Hamas duped Israel with it planned devastating attack, carefully keeping his military plans under wraps.
Using an unprecedented intelligence tactic to mislead Israel over the last months, by giving a public impression that it was not willing to go into a fight or confrontation with Israel while preparing to launched a coordinated land, sea, and air assault that took Israel by surprise. Which Within hours hundreds of Israelis were reported killed or missing, the deadliest day for Israel in decades as more than 100 were taken hostage.

Adopting careful campaign of deception strategy to ensured that Israel was caught off guard when the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas launched its attack, enabling a force to take on the Middle East’s most powerful army. A deceptive move which present Israel’s military with a harsh questions for the country’s worst intelligence failure in 50 years.

The unprecedented surprise attack by Hamas according to Israeli security source acknowledged Israel’s security services were duped by Hamas. “They caused us to think they wanted money,” the source said. “And all the time they were involved in exercises/drills until they ran riot.”

Israel has sought to provide a basic level of economic stability in Gaza after the 2021 war with Hamas, by offering incentives including thousands of permits so Gazans can work in Israel or the West Bank, where salaries in construction, agriculture or service jobs pay better than Gaza.
Believing that they coming in to work and bringing money into Gaza would build a certain level of trust, peace and harmony.

As part of the deceit during the past years, Hamas has avoid any form of military operations against Israel, even as Gaza-based Islamist armed group known as Islamic Jihad launched a series of its own assaults on Isreal.

As the Hamas provoke war rages into the third day, international communities are taking side’s as European leaders and U.S. president plan to discuss Israel, while Arab League schedules meeting at request of Palestinians, as Russian minister and Arab League chief meet in Moscow.

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