Meetings at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) last week rekindled the debate, with nations as Opinions Splits over fossil fuels phase-out deal at COP28.

The COP28 conference in Dubai scheduled between Nov. 30 and Dec.12 2023, is seen as a crucial opportunity for United Nations to accelerate action to limit global warming, yet countries remain split over the burning of fossil fuel which is the main cause of climate change.

The COP28 pact intend to create a blueprint for the gradual reduction of fossil fuel, which would not prompt an immediate exit from oil and gas, the European Union and other supporters say it is vital for guiding national policies and investments away from polluting energy.

Spain’s Climate Minister Teresa Ribera said; “it’s not that this is going to happen tomorrow, but we need to ensure that we are creating the conditions to make this possible.”

Countries are divided between those demanding a deal to phase out planet warming fossil fuels and nations insisting on preserving a role for coal, oil and natural gas.

While China the world’s biggest fossil fuel consumer expressed their intention to keep using them for decades, the United States has supported a phase out of fossil fuels, while acknowledging some developing countries’ plans to invest in them in the near future.

Within the African Union, some governments have accused the West of hypocrisy for using climate arguments to refuse financing for gas projects in developing nations, while continuing to burn gas at home.

It is been estimated that the demand for coal, gas and oil would peak by 2030 as renewable energy capacity grows. And Without a rapid decrease in fossil fuel use, the Earth will heat up beyond the global target of 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared with pre-industrial levels within 10-15yrs time, according to Peter Cox a climate scientist at the University of Exeter.

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