Mohamed al-Fayed, the self-made Egyptian billionaire owner of Fulham and ex-Harrods owner whose son died with Princess Diana is dead at 94.

Though his birthday remain controversial, he said he was born in then British-ruled Egypt in 1933. However, a British government inquiry into the Harrods takeover said 1929.

He died a day before the 26th anniversary of his son and Diana’s death, which prompted and Promoted the discredited conspiracy theory over the crash that killed his son and princess Diana.

The Egyptian Billionaire who was so much tolerated but not embraced in Britain, due to his rift with the British royal family, for refusal to grant him British citizenship in 1995, to a country that was his home for decades. And later accused the British royal family of been behind the death of his son Dodi and Princess Diana in car crashed in a road tunnel in Paris in 1997.

Al-Fayed was Born in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, where he from humble background as a sewing machine salesman built his family’s fortune in real estate, shipping and construction, first in the Middle East and then in Europe. Al-Fayed became resident in Britain in 1974 where he added al to his name.

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