Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Zimbabwe’s main opposition party have called for a nationwide protests in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces and asked activists to launch online campaigns and share evidence of voting malpractice.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa the candidate of the ruling party ZANU-PF who seek for a second term in office, had secured 53% of the vote, with the main opposition party CCC leader Nelson Chamisa following in the second place with 44% according to the electoral commission results announced late Saturday.

Following the nationwide protest called by the main opposition party, Mnangagwa has maintained that the vote was valid and warned those calling for protest to approach the court as the constitution provides seven days from the results declaration to lodge a court appeal.

He said during a ceremony to open a lithium plant, “I warn anybody who may want to bring any chaos in this country we are ready.”

“Whoever shall preach hate speech will be responsible for their hate speech, our prisons are not full, he added.

Meanwhile, the CCC have appealed to other African countries to intervene and mediate in its dispute with the ruling party, while international observers have doubted the credibility of the elections, which were marred with irregularities and the arrests of vote monitors.

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