A former Spokesman of Atiku’s Campaign Organization, Daniel Bwala has been urged not to be unduly sentimental and judgmental on issues relating to the administration of the Federal Capital Territory.

The former Spokesman of the Rivers PDP Campaign Council said in Abuja in reaction to Bwala’s comments that the protection of the masterplan of the FCT is a critical factor in measuring Nigeria’s advancement as a progressive state.

“Bwala should understand the relationship between law and society. Every city on planet earth has a masterplan.

“That masterplan defines where structures should be built, which areas of a city should be preserved as green areas and where businesses should operate.

“It determines which areas of a city should be retained as the right of way for drains, sewage systems and roads of the future

“Bwala is enlightened and educated. He should know that Wike only warned that acts which conflict with laid down individual and corporate behaviour within the FCT will not be tolerated. That is the point that Wike made when he warned that he was prepared to step on toes.

“Those who act within the law and the masterplan need not worry. Those who act outside the framework of the existing masterplan should not be encouraged.

“In urging Bwala not to be sentimental and judgmental, Bwala ought to understand that human activity is closely associated with the Greenhouse efect, pollution, environmental degradation, destruction of the ozone layer, flooding, etc. Such action turn well planned cities into slums. This is why Bwala should tell Nigerians the truth.

“There is a limit to attempts to play politics with everything. Ensuring order in Abuja is Wike’s responsibility. As the president said, Wike and the other Ministers have their jobs cut out for them.”

Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke,
Former Spokesman,
Rivers PDP Campaign Council.

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