Linda Yaccarino Twitter’s chief executive officer, on Monday unveiled a new logo, ending the use of the famous blue bird symbol in the 17 years history of the company. The new logo is a white ‘X’ symbol on a black background.

The unveiling comes 24 hours after Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, revealed plans for the disposal of the blue bird icon in major rebranding efforts.

The rebranding is said to be part of a bigger plan to transform the microblogging platform into an “everything app” for all business and financial needs, including banking, digital purchases, checking, credit cards, investments, and loans.

Musk fascination with the letter ‘X’ dates as far back as 1999, when he founded a startup called, an online financial services company now known as PayPal. His Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is commonly known as SpaceX.

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