The Church Of England set out proposal to allow the debate on the blessings of same sex marriages in its 16,000 churches during their General Synod that is schedule to hold on July 7 to 11. In the five-day meeting, Church of England bishops, clergy and laity will assemble to deliberate on how priests could carry out blessings for same-sex couples.

If the synod voted in favour of the plans, it will divide the Church as conservative group of Anglican church leaders from around the world who are against the plans had declared that they no longer had confidence in the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, saying he had betrayed his ordination.

However, there are some bishops publicly declaring their support for same sex marriages in
churches. Arguing that Faith is important to many LGBTQ+ people, which is why the Synod’s should ratify the blessings of same-sex couples in the Church.

While Homosexuality and Gay marriage has been legal in Britain for a decade, it had remain a taboo in Africa and illegal in more than 30 countries and incompatible with Scripture.

The mother church and one of the world oldest religious institution with over 85 million Anglicans across 165 countries will be divided on the issues of homosexuality and same sex unions.Decision on the divergent views on the complex matter, will be taken when the synod meets in November.

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