Oracle Corp last mid-week announced it’s plan’s of adding generative artificial intelligence features to its human resources software for businesses, aiming to help draft job descriptions and employee performance goals, among other tasks.

AI systems like ChatGPT
Are working to advance the technology sector to a new dimension by integrating companies like Microsoft Corp and Alphabet’s Google into search engines.

Oracle’s human resources software is used by big businesses for hiring new employees and providing performance evaluations, among other things. Oracle will put a button on many of the fields in the software that will automatically generate draft text for things like job listings or performance goals.

Guy Waterman, vice president of people analytics and human capital management technology and innovation at Oracle, said further into the future, Oracle is working on how to use AI for more complex human resources tasks, like how to write listings of job requirements that comply with local regulations in different markets.

“It may have taken a week or two weeks for someone to make a decision and then implement it. If we can change that to hours and minutes, that’s where we’re really seeing the difference with the possibilities of generative AI,” he said.

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