The British high commissioner to Nigeria, Richard Montgomery has acquaint Nigerians on the UK’s new policy that restricts visas for families of foreign students.

The UK home office have announced earlier on May, that from January 2024, foreign students will no longer be allowed to take their dependents along with them to the country.

The ban will affects all master’s students and some other post-graduates, but will not apply to PhD students who are highly skilled and whose courses last between three to five years.

When implemented, the crackdown will affect many Nigerian students hoping to pursue their postgraduate studies in the UK, as Nigerians accounted for the highest number of dependents accompanying persons with study visas.

Montgomery communicated the development to the Nigerian News Agency on Sunday. According to him the new policy aimed to manage the pressure on social services in the United Kingdom, due to the influx of immigrants.

Based on a verifiable source, three years ago only 1,500 dependents of students were coming to the UK from Nigeria, but it’s has accelerated to over 52,000 over the years.

“Three years ago, there were 20,000 Nigerian students in British higher education institutions, and last year, the number increased to 127,000,” Montgomery said.

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