Afeez Agoro Oladimeji, the Nigeria’s tallest man is dead. The news of his death was communicated to the media via a telephone conversation from a female relative, and was later confirmed by Nigeria News Agency.

According to his medical history, he had a normal growth until he developed an ailment at the age of nineteen that was diagnosed to be Acromegaly, also known as gigantism, which accelerated his height rapidly.

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji until his demise was the tallest man in Nigeria, he stood 2.25 metre (7 ft 5 in), keeping him in the league of tallest people in Africa.

Agoro came to limelight as an entertainer after graduating from the Lagos state Polytechnic and also featured in movies 2018, and his TV Reality show titled “I AM Agoro” which centred around his life and what it feels like living as the tallest man in Nigeria.

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