Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure the Apostle in charge of The Vision Pioneer of Throne Room Ministry, has resigned as Co-Chairman Kaduna Peace Commission following El-Rufai’s bias stance and insincerity toward a genuine reconciliation in the state.

Kure in his resignation letter accused El-Rufai of openly discriminating the Christian faith, which according to him contradict what the mandate of the Kaduna State Peace Commission stands for.

The Apostle in his statement said ;
“I hereby tender my resignation as both Co-Chair and Member of this laudable Committee because it is clear that we were set-up to serve a diversionary interest and that we were not meant to succeed.”

“This may explain why the governor never executed any of our suggestions from our several parleys with him. I cannot in good conscience serve in a committee that will promote the disharmony, and the further disintegration of our great nation. More so, it is clear that this explains why he arbitrarily proscribed the Atyap Development Association to send warning to the other associations in Southern Kaduna that the same fate awaits them if they try to bring the plight of Southern Kaduna people to the rest of the world,” he added.

However, the senior pastor of the Vision Pioneer of Throne Room Ministry assured the state that his resignation will not in any way effect his roles in conflict resolution between Muslims and Christians in Southern Kaduna and the nation.

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