If he walks like a rubber stamp, talks like a rubber stamp and acts like a rubber stamp, he is most definitely a rubber stamp and Nigerians must reject any attempt to foist or impose a legislative wimp on them.

If democracy is to be allowed to strive, the supremacy of the constitution must be strictly enforced,adhered to and allow to fester. Any attempt to turn the constitution on its head will be ultra vires and contrary to all democratic norms and practices.

The doctrine of separation of powers and independence of the three arms of government must be respected and not tampered with. The president elect owes it as a duty to all Nigerians to respect the tenets of the constitution.

Senator Apkabio who is being rumored to have the backing of the president elect is shown to be unpopular amongst his people and peers.

There’s a serious campaign against his nomination from different quarters which he cannot surmount even with his huge war chest of funds. He is gradually becoming a liability for the president, the NWC of the party and the party itself. It is on this basis that I call on the senator to step down his ambition and save the president elect and the party further embarrassment.

The NWC of the party has acknowledged faults in its decision to micro and nano zone the offices of the National Assembly. It is now incumbent on senator Apkabio to use his judgment and honorably step down for the party to reconstitute and come up with a zoning arrangements that will be fair and equitable for all Nigerians.

The senate presidency must not be a do or die affair for the senator elect unless he has a hidden agenda for the office that is unknown to Nigerians. Nigerians deserve a strong and independent legislature that will harmoniously work with the president elect but acts as a check against the excesses of the powers of the executive.

If senator Apkabio is allowed to be the senate president, we would be sold and the independence of the legislature would be compromised and relegated to puppetry. In this democratic dispensation we cannot afford not to be fiscally prudent.

We must be weary of the relationship between the the two out goers, president Mohammedu Buhari and the 9th National Assembly and not repeat the same mistake.

Senator Ahmed Lawal the out going senate president is talked about in some quarters as a rubber stand senate president of the government of president Mohammedu Buhari. We cannot allow the same fate to happen in the 10th assembly.

Senator Apkabio is not known to be fiscally prudent as alleged in his stewardship of the NDDC. And he seems to exhibit the tendencies of Mr Peter Obi of ”Yes daddy” fame.

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