The former Deputy Senate President of Nigeria Ike Ekweremadu,60, and his wife Beatrice, 56, have been sentenced to nine years eight months and four years six months in prison respectively, while the doctor Obinna Obeta who played the middleman role was given 10yrs in prison and suspension of his medical licence for organ trafficking plot.

They were found quilty of conspiring to exploit the kidney of a Lagos street trader Ukpo David, 22, for their daughter Sonia Ekweremadu who suffers from a severe kidney disease at Royal Free Hospital in London.

It will be recalled that the couple were arrested on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022, for conspiring to bring a child to the UK for organ harvesting. And was arraigned before Uxbridge Magisstrates Court, on Friday June 23rd, 2022, we’re he pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them.

After almost 11 months of trial at the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, they were convicted despite plea of leniency by Nigeria lawmakers to the UK court to “temper justice with mercy.”

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