Let me start by stating that I am no fan of Ikuku but I must tell Abians the truth.

1. 15bn was approved by the state House of Assembly to the governor for pension and warfare.

2. As days went by, there were no tangible things that ikpeazu could show for the money that was released.

3. The leadership of the state House of Assembly frowned at this and decided to probe the executive arm of the government.

4. They had a secret meeting to impeach the governor before the 29th of May. This is to scrap him off every immunity and allow the law to deal with whoever is found guilty of the alleged crime.

5. The governor got this leaked information and decided to act fast, first by organizing the LG elections so that the said money can be relaxed with this kangaroo exercise.

6. A court order was gotten for the election to be postponed since a new government will take over in 28 days.

7. The governor and co got another court order for them to conduct the said election. Since the speaker is not in support, it was so important to remove him.

8. They agreed and met in one of the member’s Parlour and then after eating and dining of course they shared the loot that came from the governor and the kangaroo impeachment happened.

9. Ikuku is fighting for the state to save more money so that the incoming government will have something on the ground to start with.

I am not surprised that all these are happening now, the more they fight, the more the truth surfaces. I am beginning to think that Ikuku is not as bad as we paint him and ikpeazu is the major problem of the state.

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