The National Population Commission (NPC) has said that a total of 885,000 people will be recruited ahead of the 2023 Population and Housing Census scheduled for May.

The Commission said that the Census exercise will last for five days and it needed a total of N869 billion to carry it out successfully.

It stated this in a report by the Director of Public Affairs, Dr. Isiaka Yahaya.

According to the report, N626 billion of the total is needed for the census, and N243 billion is needed for follow-up operations through 2025.

The Commission allocated N77 billion for the training of 885,000 people on the listing of all buildings and families in the country for seven days as part of its crucial requirement for the 2023 Census.

A total of N57.5 billion was set aside for the enumeration of all listed individuals during the country’s building, numbering, and household listing processes.

It added that N53.2 billion would be needed to count every person identified during the building numbering and household listing for the primary census procedure.

“If some locations are not covered, we will conduct what is called mop-up. Why they are saying three days because it is going to be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday but Saturday and Sunday there will also be enumeration and if there are areas not covered, there is provision for mop-up,” he said.

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