Properties estimated at billions of naira have been demolished for various reasons over the years within the high and low-density areas of Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja.

Many of those demolitions are surrounded by stories of official extortion, violence and allegations of corruption involving both physical development control enforcers and residents. The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCDA) collaborates with security agents to enforce the laws in the sector and residents have different stories to tell.

Since the appointment of Mr Ikharo Attah in 2019 as Chairman of the FCT Ministerial Task Team on City Sanitation, he has led scores of controversial demolition exercises in different parts of the FCT.

Attah in his words doing an interview with media men and woman said “there has been a massive influx of people into Abuja. Extreme influx that we cannot deny. People are now coming in their millions and we are now seeing massive shanties and bashas. Illegal structures are now common. Most of those villages have now become over-expanded. We have found so many illegalities”.

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