The Supreme Court verdict of June 17 legalizing the use of hijab in public schools in a case involving the Lagos State government and two female Muslim students has since set the precedence for drama in the court rooms.

First it was Chief Malcolm Omirhobo who caused a stir and drama with his ‘traditional worshipper’s attire’ when he made appearance at the Supreme Court on June 23, 2022 in what he described as enforcing his fundamental human rights in compliance with section 38 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The section the apex court relied on in delivering its judgement on the use of hijab in Lagos public schools. This development has made the human rights lawyer trend on social media platforms.

Most recently, another Malcolm has emerged, but this time in a pastor’s robe. A lawyer identified as Ogbachalu Goshen appeared at Okpoko Magistrate Court in Anambra state on Thursday June 30, fully dressed in a pastor’s robe. Just like Malcolm, the court rose in protest when Goshen appeared as a defense council wearing a priest’s robe. His appearance was too much for the presiding judge MB Mbaegbu to take as she swiftly confronted him, but the defense council insisted on his fundamental human rights without shifting grounds. The drama ended the court session untimely.

Constitutionally, Supreme Court judgments becomes a law and serves as a basis for subsequent judgments, just as the hijab verdict has proven.

In the coming days, the world anticipates the emergence of another Malcolm. Will it be another legal practitioner? What will be the unique attire?

The world is waiting and watching!

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