Dear Father Ejike Mbaka.

I, Peter Obi is still yet to know how I’ve offended you in person and as a priest you are.

You are my brother as an Igbo man and we even go the same church, the Catholic.

How do you define stinginess in your own dictionary.

So, because I don’t share money, means I’m Stingy?

Do you know that those money politicians are sharing, they are state funds. It is not their personal money.

Why must I spend extravagant with money that is not my own just to proof that I’m not Stingy?

I have donated money to almost all the major secondary schools and universities in Nigeria including hospitals.

I never made noisy about it because I see it as a charity work!.

So, you expect me to start singing about it?

Mbaka, if stinginess means to save money and avoid wasting state funds, then, I’m proudly stingy.

But, you’ve to tell me where else I’ve wronged you, so that I will apologize and we move on.

It seems you bear grudges on me and you must free yourself because you preach forgiveness to your members.

Hear it again, I am not desperate to be the president of Nigeria. That is why I will never use a kobo to influence anyone!!!.

– Peter Obi.

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